Writing My Life Away

This is my tumblr that connects to my blog on WordPress.com Go check out my blog: http://nomoredating.wordpress.com/

The Basics:
Call me Sally Fields
I’m from Southern California
I’m currenlty freezing my ass off in Illinois
I’m twenty-four years old
I want to become a published writer
I’m a short, blue eyed, red haired, freckled girl
I think I’m not funny
I’m really shy when I meet new people

This whole blog idea came into being after a major break up with my now ex-boyfriend of four years, that shook me to my core. I’ve stepped back into the dating the world like Bambi learning to walk.

Its time to get back onto the dating scene, because I’ve realized I have forgotten how to date. Which is a hug problem for me, because I love sex, I love someone cooking for me, and my cat is far away back home. So I have to figure this shit out.
For my own sake, my diet and my vibrators.